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Masterpiece Agencies Nig Ltd

Masterpiece Business Global Resources

Readywheels Haulage and Logistics Ltd:

This is the Haulage and Logistics arm of the company. Here we help in the movement of goods from one location to another all over the world .


With kolo by masterpiece, your savings culture will always get better. Kolo savings with masterpiece comes with different offers that can be tailored to meet clients specific savings demands. With you kolo savings, you can earn as much as between 3% to 20% within 6months to 12months depending on which plan you subscribe to.

  1. Kolo safelock: kolo safelock gives you the opportunity to lock certain amount of money for a period of time without accessing it.
  2. olo group target savings : This can be done by group of friends, club members, colleagues or relegious group members. This particular savings plan can be targeted towards group collection at a particular time of the year.
  3. Kolo individual target savings: You can decide to open a target savings account that can be targeted towards a particular project or financial commitment. Payments can made daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. Kolo Real estate savings Plan: This particular plan is targeted towards owning a land or house in any of our estates. In this plan, when you have been able to save as much as 50%of the cost of land you are buying form us, we will loan you the remaining balance so that you can get the land or house immediately.
  5. Kolo Jolly December: This is our Christmas savings. With this savings plan, you will be able to save towards the festive season.


Masterpiece Entertainment


This is the arm of our business where we give loans to petty traders and business owners.

Masterpiece Entertainment

Masterpiece Entertainment

Masterpiece Real Estate company

Our Estates:

  1. Masterpiece court. Phase 1, Ikola command
  2. Genesis global gardens, Ketu Epe
  3. Genesis Gardens, Atan Otta
  4. GoshenLand Estate, Papalanto Ogun state
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